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The radio premiere of Ian Fleming's ‘GOLDFINGER' - directed by Martin Jarvis.
A BBC Radio 4 feature-length Saturday Play, dramatised by Archie Scottney.  Transmission: Saturday April 3rd 2010, 2.30pm - 4pm

After the success of J&A's Dr No in 2008 - Toby Stephens returns as 007, John Standing as ‘M' and Martin Jarvis as the voice of Ian Fleming.

A glittering cast is led by Ian McKellen in the title role. Cameo roles by top actors - all delighted to contribute to this remarkable Fleming adventure.

The radio dramatisation remains faithful to the 1959 novel.  It is not an adaptation of the film version.  As with Dr No, music is specially composed by Mark Holden and Sam Barbour.

Ian McKellen as Goldfinger,  Toby Stephens as James Bond, John Standing as ‘M' and Martin Jarvis as the voice of Fleming.   Rosamund Pike plays wacky gang-boss Pussy Galore and Lisa Dillon is the vengeful Tilly Masterton.   Witty cameos as New York City mobsters from:   Tom Hollander, Tim Pigott-Smith and American star Hector Elizondo.   Bond and Goldfinger are joined in the celebrated golfing sequence by Alistair McGowan as the canny caddie, Hawker. (Golf on radio - compelling stuff!)   Other starry cameos from: Henry Goodman, Ian Ogilvy and Lloyd Owen. And Jon David Yu throws his bowler-hat with deadly effect as ‘Oddjob'.  

Auric Goldfinger is not only a cheat at canasta and golf, he's also an international criminal on a massive scale.  His obsession: gold.  James Bond is charged by the Bank of England and MI5 to discover what Goldfinger is actually doing with his vast hoards of gold.  Is he somehow connected with SMERSH - the feared soviet spy-killing organisation?  When 007 becomes an undercover member of Goldfinger's team he soon learns that the madman's plans are more grandiose than even ‘M' could possibly have imagined. Amazingly, robbing Fort Knox is on the agenda - and mass murder…

Director: Martin Jarvis  Produced by Rosalind Ayres

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