Blog| 25 February 2011 | Partying with dwarves (and a hobbit)

"It'll just be Martin and the dwarves and their families," Philippa enthused.  And so it was, crowding onto the Boyens's deck.  Catered food and some first-class NZ red -- my first chance to meet them all, apart from Jon Callen who was absent.

To prepare, the office gave me a crib: a book of all faces, names and characters, where Išve added my own notes gleaned from trusty Wikipedia:

1) Chancellor of Ulster University ­- who can that be?  A man from Ballymena, whence my ancestor James McKellen emigrated in 1841.

2) Pantomime expert and enthusiast.  The youngest dwarf Ori.

3) Drinks only apple juice and been voted UK's Sexiest Actor often.

Who are these 3 dwarves?


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