"An Enemy of The People" coming to Los Angeles
London production, directed by Trevor Nunn and starring Ian McKellen, moves to Ahmanson Theater at the Los Angeles Music Center 
Sir Ian McKellen 
London, UK
For Immediate Release
Monday, 3 March 1998
Los Angeles — "When Dr. Tomas Stockmann attempts to expose a water pollution scandal in his home town, his brother conspires with local politicians and the newspaper to suppress the story.  Stockmann appeals to a public meeting - only to be
shouted down and reviled as 'an enemy of the people'.

After its initial sell-out season at the Royal National Theatre, Trevor Nunn's acclaimed production designed by John Napier and starring Ian McKellen as Dr Stockmann, opens at the Ahmanson Theatre at the LA Music Centre for its only US engagement on 22 July, playing thru 6 September. Tickets are now on sale.

Ian McKellen writes:
"After filming Apt Pupil and Gods and Monsters in Los Angeles last year, I am thrilled to be returning to the LA stage this summer. I was last onstage there with my solo show A Knight Out in LA.  This time I'll be at the Ahmanson Theatre for 8 weeks.

London audiences flocked to An Enemy of the People but I've been impressed how strongly my American friends in particular have reacted to the play, which reflects current concerns about big government and corruption in high places. The story of a poisoned water supply is reminiscent of Polanski's Chinatown. Bryan Singer (The Usual Suspects and Apt Pupil) recognised that Ibsen's play was the source for the movie  Jaws.

For anyone who only knows Steve McQueen's movie in Arthur Miller's version, this is a rare chance to see Ibsen's original play, with its new translation by Christopher Hampton (Dangerous Liaisons and Art)."


"In Christopher Hampton's dynamic translation, Ibsen's tale of one man's dogged pursuit of corruption and his attempt to eradicate the "spiritual poison" of society strikes a chilling chord.  Trevor Nunn's characteristically panoramic production, superbly realised with John Napier's complex set, invokes a strong feeling that one is witnessing a real slice of life.  This is largely due to a quite extraordinary performance by Ian McKellen, a true driving force in an evocative, often very funny and ultimately tragic play." - What's On in London.

"Trevor Nunn's production of "An Enemy of the People" is little short of superb, for it gives both a big, rich public play and the private drama of two men locked in rivalry." - London Times

"A tale of corruption, greed and the responsibility of the press, Ibsen's 1882 masterpiece is as up-to-date as this morning's headlines." - News of the World.

"A rich teeming production of Ibsen's great play of public morality...a great evening" - UK Daily Mail.

"Stockmann is brilliantly portrayed by Ian McKellen." - UK Independent

"Trevor Nunn's big-budget  re-staging of Ibsen opens out the action like a movie director.  John Napier designs a backdrop of scudding clouds and dark hills, in front of which he places a Norwegian seaside town. McKellen gives an inspired portrayal of the moral Dr Stockmann." - UK Independent on Sunday.

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