No Attack Planned for Oscars
Ian McKellen Responds to Unfounded Reports in British Press
Sir Ian McKellen 
Los Angeles, California
For Immediate Release
Thursday, 18 March 1999
Los Angeles — Contradicting a report in Wednesday's London Express, Sir Ian McKellen denies that he intends to launch an "attack" at Sunday's Oscar ceremonies, should he win the Academy Award as Best Actor in Gods and Monsters.

In a March 18 story by Mark Jagasia, the Express claimed that Sir Ian "is set to use the Oscars ceremony" to "attack discrimination against gays by Hollywood."

Sir Ian replies:
"The rumour that I am planning an 'impassioned' attack on discrimination against gays in the film industry is untrue.  I have not yet imagined a speech of any sort, nor personally have I ever experienced such discrimination in the United States. There is considerable interest, beyond the film industry and even film-goers, in the Oscar going (I think it would be for the first time) to an openly gay actor.  I certainly wish there were as many openly gay actors of both genders in Hollywood, as there are agents, studio executives, writers and directors who feel they can be honest about their homosexuality."

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