Ian McKellen Stage
Yvonne Coulette, Ian McKellen, Leo McKern.
<BR><BR><em>Leo McKern was another Beatles fan and sang ''She Loves You yeah, yeah, yeah'' each night on his way to the stage. The following year he co-starred in their second film ''HELP!'', playing the evil leader of a murderous cult.  Eleanor Bron and Roy Kinnear also appeared in the Beatles' film.<br /><em> </em>
Written by Peter Ustinov
Directed by Denis Carey
Ian McKellen in the role of John Bogle
Nottingham Playhouse, Nottingham
8 January 1964
<em>Peter Ustinov had bought
his first night gifts at Nottinghams Russian shop.  Mine was a collection
of inter-connecting wooden dolls and, referring to my characters suspicion that he is illegitimate, the author sent me this very encouraging note.</em><br><em> </em>