Ian McKellen Stage
Cartoon: by Hewison in Punch Magazine: Jennifer Hilary (Zoe) and Ian McKellen (Godfrey) - I bought the original drawing which accompanied the Punch review, starting a collection of Hewison's work which I discontinued a decade or so later.<br /><em>Hewison</em>
Written by James Saunders
Directed by Shirley Butler
Ian McKellen in the role of Godfrey
Duke of York's, London
30 September 1964
Clarence Derwent Award as best supporting actor of the year - 50 pounds sterling from British Actors' Equity
Jennifer Hilary as Zoe watches unseeingly as her stepbrother Godfrey (Ian McKellen) mends a puncture. In the background, the Priest is played by Peter Howell<br><em> </em>
First London Contract<br><em> </em>
With Peter Howell, Wimbledon 23 October 1964, before matinee.<br><em> </em>
Programme Cover<br><em> </em>
With Peter Howell<br><em> </em>
Avoiding responsibilities on stage at Golders Green Hippodrome<br><em> </em>