Ian McKellen Stage
Act 1, with Jesse Evans: Go on, tell us! No.
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Written by Donald Howarth
Directed by Donald Howarth
Ian McKellen in the role of Alvin Hanker
Hampstead Theatre Club and St Martin's, London
22 November 1965
Comments and Reviews
Hampstead Theatre Club beginning 22 November 1965; St. Martin's Theatre beginning 20 January 1966

"Ian McKellen as the son, unwelcome intruder on her honeymoon with the postman, grows visibly out of childhood in the space of two hours. It is a disciplined and satisfying performance, some of its best moments silent: stirring the mud in a flower-pot, watching his plant flourish and put forth leaves, transfixed in a horrifying grimace of revulsion as he stares through a pane of glass at his mother and her lover in pyjamas on the landing." — Hilary Spurling, The New Statesman