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Art Reflected
Written by Peter Shaffer
Ian McKellen in the role of Tom/Harold Gorringe
Lyric, London
1 February 1968
From Punch by Hewison: Angela Scoular, Ian McKellen,(Harold Gorringe) and James Bolam in the dark in <i>Black Comedy</i>.<br><i>Hewison</i>
Dorothy Reynolds and Ian McKellen in The White Liars<br><i> </i>
James Bolam as Brindsley Miller, Liz Fraser as Clea and Ian McKellen as Harold Gorringe, in BLACK COMEDY<br><i> </i>
Dorothy Reynolds as Sophie and Ian McKellen as Tom in The White Liars<br><i> </i>
A letter from Binkie Beaumont regarding a request for a dresser.<br><i> </i>
With Liz Fraser and Angela Scoular<br><i> </i>