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Written by Alan Ayckbourn
Directed by Alan Ayckbourn
Ian McKellen in the role of Jerome
Vaudeville Theatre, London
21 November 1988

Words from Ian McKellen

I was newly out as a gay man. Henceforward was a chance to declare I was still the same actor who enjoyed mainstream theatre. There's nothing gay about Alan Ayckbourn's play, except in the old sense. There was certainly plenty of jollity and social purpose about playing Jerome, estranged from his sometime in the future, getting entangled with a glamorous automaton.

Ayckbourn's 34th play was first seen at his theatre in Scarborough and two of the original cast came with him to London.
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First performed under the sponsorship of the Scarborough Building Society at the Stephen Joseph Theatre in the Round, Scarborough on 30th July 1987. Opened at the Vaudeville 21 November 1988.