Ian McKellen Stage
Programme cover<br /><i> </i>
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Written by Martin Sherman
Directed by Sean Mathias
Ian McKellen in the role of Max
Lyttelton and Garrick, London
19 January 1990
Sean Mathias (Director)<br><i>Simon Annand</i>
Paul Rhys (Rudy)<br><i>Simon Annand</i>
In rehearsal<br><i>Simon Annand</i>
With Michael Cashman<br><i> </i>
Thelma Holt, Ian McKellen, and Michael Cashman, post-performance, raising money to fight AIDS<br><i> </i>
With Michael Cashman (actor & gay activist, Member European Parliament).<br><i> </i>
Martin Sherman (Playwright), Paul Rhys (Rudy), Sean Mathias (Director), Ian McKellen (Max), Michael Cashman (Horst)<br><i> </i>
Max<br><i> </i>
 <br><i> </i>
Michael Cashman (Horst) and Martin Sherman (Playwright) in rehearsal<br><i>Simon Annand</i>