Ian McKellen Stage
L to R: Allan Jeayes, John Scarborough, Bridget Turner, Ian McKellen, Sheila Keith, Ronald Magill.
<BR><BR><em>The regular company was joined by Allan Jeayes (Walter, the waiter), a distinguished veteran from Alexander Korda's romantic British films.  Being nearly 80, he had trouble remembering his lines, although in this scene he singlehandedly served a four-course meal in under 15 minutes! </em>
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Written by Bernard Shaw
Directed by David Forder
Ian McKellen in the role of Philip Clandon
Belgrade Theatre, Coventry
9 October 1961 - 15 October 1961

Words from Ian McKellen

Another classic company play and this time I had a substantial part, as twin brother to Bridget Turner (Dolly and Philip Clandon). Biddy was brilliant, on and off the stage; vivacious without cease, except for the serious business of her acting, which was always inventive and heartfelt. Subsequently for the Royal Shakespeare Company and elsewhere, she has had a substantial career. In Shaw's play, by comparison, I was a clod-hopper, very aware of how much more practice I needed to become a good actor.