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L to R: Bridget Turner, Miranda Marshall, Hazel Coppen, Derek Newark, Jennie Lynne, Peter French, Ronald Magill, Gillian Martell, Robert Gillespie, Ian McKellen.<br><br><em>Another chance for the regular company to show its versatility — my own contribution was as a Teddy-Boy in tight jeans and leather jacket restoring my native Lancashire accent which Cambridge University had tempered with received pronunciation. </em>
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Written by Keith Waterhouse & Willis Hall
Directed by Anthony Richardson
Ian McKellen in the role of Stan Dyson
Belgrade Theatre, Coventry
13 November 1961 - 26 November 1961

Words from Ian McKellen

Miranda Marshall (Lillian Howes) joined us for this production - she read fortunes from palms and waiting for our entrance behind the flats of the scenery, she forecast that I was going to be a very successful actor one day. I didn't believe her, partly because my only ambition was to become as good an actor as possible. I wasn't looking much beyond my apprenticeship at the Belgrade Theatre.
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A Northern comedy. Double bill with THE MAN IN THE CAGE by Susan Hill.