Ian McKellen Stage
L to R: Richard Aylen, John Bryans, Ian McKellen, Mark Eden
<BR><BR><em>''End of Conflict'' was my first time in military uniform onstage.  I learnt the basics of soldierly mien and drill, which have been constantly useful since.</em><br /><em> </em>
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Written by Barry England
Directed by Anthony Richardson
Ian McKellen in the role of Simon Mason
Belgrade Theatre, Coventry
27 November 1961 - 2 December 1961
Mark Eden (R) and Ian McKellen
<BR><BR><em>Mark Eden was the most glamorous actor I had worked with — he had star quality, more to do with his looks and demeanour than with his talent.</em><br><em> </em>
Lt. Brash (Mark Eden) and 2nd Lt. Mason (Ian McKellen)<br><em> </em>