Ian McKellen Stage
L to R: Snodgrass (Ian McKellen), Winkle (Peter French), Pickwick (Patrick Newell), Jingle (Bernard Kilby), Tupman (Alan Haywood)<br /><i> </i>
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Written by Stanley Young (adapted from Charles Dickens novel)
Directed by Brian Bell
Ian McKellen in the role of Mr. Snodgrass
Belgrade Theatre, Coventry
6 December 1961 - 19 December 1961
Pickwick (Patrick Newell), Perker (Robin Parkinson), Isabelle (Penelope Cave), Mogsbury-Tonks (Jeffrey Sluggett), Snodgrass (Ian McKellen), Mrs Hunter (Sheila Keith), Joe (William Swan), Buzfuz (Denzil Ellis)<br><i> </i>