Ian McKellen Stage
L to R: Gawn Grainger, Ian McKellen, Jonathan Meddings, Colin Kaye
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Written by Philip Mackie
Directed by Donald MacKechnie
Ian McKellen in the role of Gavin Cole
Arts Theatre, Ipswich, Suffolk
22 October 1962 - 3 November 1962

Words from Ian McKellen

Another miserably- written "comedy thriller", which made the cast laugh more than the audience and which thrilled no-one.
Comments and Reviews
Producer Robert Chetwyn wrote in the programme for the previous production:

"The next play is "THE BIG KILLING", a thriller as the title suggests. Tense and completely gripping, it also has some lighter moments. It has recently completed a successful run in London and it is the first production in Ipswich by Donald MacKechnie who has until recently been running the Summer Theatre in Sheringham."