Ian McKellen Stage
Clive Morton (James Tyrone) and Ian McKellen (Edmund Tyrone.) 
<BR><BR><em>I was very excited to work with Clive,  trailing glory from films and the West End. By this time, simply on the basis of how well we all worked together, we believed that ours was a golden time in Ipswich.</em><br /><em> </em>
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Written by Eugene O'Neill
Directed by Robert Chetwyn
Ian McKellen in the role of Edmund Tyrone
Arts Theatre, Ipswich, Suffolk
18 June 1963 - 29 June 1963
L to R: Betty Bowden, Clive Morton, Stephen MacDonald, Ian McKellen
<BR><BR><em>As in most productions, our Mary Tyrone acted  her husband and sons off the stage - much the best part.</em><br><em> </em>