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Prince Hamlet<br /><i> </i>
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Written by William Shakespeare
Directed by Robert Chetwyn
Ian McKellen in the role of Prince Hamlet
UK/European Tour
23 March 1971 - 2 October 1971
Laertes (Tim Pigott-Smith) and Hamlet (Ian McKellen)<br><i> </i>
McKellen as Hamlet<br><i> </i>
McKellen as Hamlet<br><i> </i>
Television production<br><i> </i>
Television production<br><i> </i>
On stage<br><i> </i>
On stage<br><i> </i>
Backstage, Rome, 25 May 1971 (birthday)<br><i>Tomasso Le Pera</i>
Michael Annals gave me this design for Hamlet's Act One costume on the first night.<br><i>Michael Annals</i>
Hewison's cartoon for Punch (18 August 1971): James Cairncross  (First Gravedigger) with Ian McKellen (Hamlet) and Yorick's skull<br><i>Hewison</i>
Hamlet with Yorick<br><i> </i>
With director Robert Chetwyn backstage, Rome, 25 May 1971 (birthday)<br><i>Tomasso Le Pera</i>
Prince Hamlet<br><i> </i>