Ian McKellen Stage
L to R: Ian McKellen, James Cairncross, Gabrielle Hamilton, Andrew Keir, Peter Griffin, Josie Kidd, Gawn Grainger, Mark Follett.
<BR><BR><em>Despite the songs and occasional jollity, this was the most depressing play to act in — we all agreed.</em>
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Written by John Arden
Directed by Robert Chetwyn
Ian McKellen in the role of Private Sparky
Arts Theatre, Ipswich, Suffolk
24 September 1963 - 5 October 1963

Words from Ian McKellen

Another ambitious choice from Robert Chetwyn, who was always concerned to mix the light with the heavy, the merely entertaining with the more thought-provoking. I enjoyed playing the young lad. Sparky, giving my "little-boy-lost" performance. Encouraged by my new agent Elspeth Cochrane and by James Cairncross (whom she also represented), John Neville and Frank Dunlop attended the matinee performance on 1st October. They were recruiting a company for the newly-built Nottingham Playhouse. I passed muster and was invited to join them in the autumn.