Ian McKellen Stage
<I>Josie Kidd  and I as sweethearts yet again.  Roger Hammond, a friend from Cambridge, having been to drama school, had now joined the company.</I><br /><i> </i>
Written by Dylan Thomas
Directed by Robert Chetwyn
Ian McKellen in the role of Mr Waldo, Cherry Owen, No-good Boyo, and First Drowned
Arts Theatre, Ipswich, Suffolk
26 February 1963 - 9 March 1963
L to R: Chris Winnera, Colin Kaye, Josie Kidd, Helen Ryan, Ian McKellen, Roberta Maxwell, Roger Hammond, Douglas Ditta, Gawn Grainger, Doreen Andrew, Barbara Atkinson, Jonathan Meddings, Brigid Panet, Susan Wherrett, Stephen MacDonald<br><i> </i>