Ian McKellen Stage
Stella (Jill Daltry) and her husband Charles (Ian McKellen)
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Written by John Whiting
Directed by Geoffrey Reeves
Ian McKellen in the role of Charles Heberden
ADC Theatre, Cambridge
13 October 1959 - 17 October 1959

Words from Ian McKellen

Our director was also reading English at St. Catharine's and had overheard my Henry V speech, while he awaited his interview with Tom Henn the previous year. Geoffrey Reeves also worked for our College dramatic society, which I never did. With "Saint's Day", we were all out of our depth. I was certainly unconvincing as a young husband, who looked young enough to be my wife's son. It was one of many experiences that made me doubt my acting ability. — Ian McKellen, December 2006
Comments and Reviews
"Ian McKellen was splendidly detached and proud in the smaller role of the elder brother" — Cambridge Daily News, 11 November 1959