Ian McKellen Stage
Sir Toby Belch in TWELFTH NIGHT directed by Waris Hussein for the Marlowe Society at the Arts Theatre. Jill Daltry as Maria.<br /><em> </em>
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Written by William Shakespeare
Directed by Waris Habibullah (Hussein)
Ian McKellen in the role of Toby Belch
Cambridge Arts Theatre
27 September 1960 - 1 October 1960
Nay, if you be an undertaker, I am for you. -- Act III Scene 4. Belch (Ian McKellen) and Antonio (David Rowe-Beddoe)<br><em> </em>
Let me see thee a steward, still. Act II Scene 5. Malvolio (Julian Curry), Aguecheek (Michael Burrell), Belch (Ian McKellen), Fabian (Anthony Arlidge)<br><em> </em>
Double exposure: Belch (Ian McKellen), Maria (Jill Daltry), Feste (Hugh Walters), Aguecheek (Michael Burrell)<br><em> </em>
I have not seen such a Firago! -- Act III Scene 4. Aguecheek (Michael Burrell) and Belch (Ian McKellen<br><em> </em>