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King Henry
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HENRY VI PARTS 2 AND 3 (Cambridge)

Written by William Shakespeare condensed and directed by Corin Redgrave
Ian McKellen in the role of King Henry
Cambridge Arts Theatre
14 March 1961 - 18 March 1961

Words from Ian McKellen

Corin Redgrave, the most intellectual of my friends, directed and ingeniously adapted the two plays into one. I loved Henry's long speeches and, judging from the photos, was experimenting with eye make-up. Michael Apted made his Marlowe Society debut in a small part and in 2003 was elected President of the Directors' Guild of America. — Ian McKellen, December 2006
Comments and Reviews
"This was a remarkable Henry, weak voiced, shambling, and pious, knowing men's minds but helpless to act upon his knowledge." — James Cornford, "The Guardian"