Ian McKellen Stage
Curt Dawson (Apollodorus) seated left: Yolande Bavan (Cleopatra ) and Alun Thomas (Caesar) centre: Ian McKellen (Major Domo) standing with staff and padding.
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Written by Bernard Shaw
Directed by Waris Hussein
Ian McKellen in the role of Achillas/Major-Domo
Playhouse, Oxford
14 August 1961 - 21 August 1961

Words from Ian McKellen

Meeting up with the newly-graduated RADA actors seemed an appropriate way to end my acting at Cambridge. Roger Hammond had gone to RADA after Cambridge but the rest of us were ready to try straight for the business. My applications to regional repertory produced offers from three: Hornchurch Queen's Theatre — assistant stage manager @ 6.00 per week; Derby Playhouse — actor/ASM @ 7.50 per week. I opted for Belgrade Theatre Coventry — member of the acting company @ 8.00 per week. Just as importantly I fell in love with Curt Dawson during a note session for "Caesar and Cleopatra". He soon returned home to the States where he flourished as a television actor until his death in 1985. — Ian McKellen, December 2006
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RADA actors in principal roles, Marlowe Society students in support.