Ian McKellen Stage
The principals: Ishamel (H E McGlashan), Thyi (C D Sculthorpe), Geoffrey Barry, Yusef (B Oatley), Athribis (D A Pass), Asnath (Ian McKellen), Potiphar (G F Tetlow)
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Written by Gordon Daviot
Directed by Frank Greene
Ian McKellen in the role of Asnath, the High Priest's daughter
Bolton School
22 March 1954 - 27 March 1954

Words from Ian McKellen

Gordon Daviot famously gave the young John Gielgud with one of his greatest successes as Richard II in her 'Richard of Bordeau'. In the 'Stars Bow Down' she re-told the story of Yusef and his coat of many colours. He was played by the glamorous Brian Oatley in dashing headgear. I was his rather characterless wife, my voice on the verge of breaking. I was nervously aware that I wasn't acting well. There were full houses for my farewell to girls' roles. — Ian McKellen, December 2006
Comments and Reviews
"I. M. McKellen was almost completely at ease, although not a natural female impersonator. The part is not a showy one, but he brought to it a careful characterisation which proved very persuasive. . . . More than 3,100 people saw it during the week." — The Boltonian.