Ian McKellen Stage
<I>Posing outside the Great Hall.  Out of shot, some seniors from the Girls' Division giggled at me but I felt confident in the hired chainmail and the papier-mache helmet, stuffed with the Bolton Evening News to keep it secure.</I>  Ian McKellen, December 2006<br /><i>Percy C Rising</i>
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Written by William Shakespeare
Directed by Frank Greene
Ian McKellen in the role of King Henry V
Bolton School
25 March 1957 - 30 March 1957
We are glad the Dauphin is so pleasant with us.<br><i>Percy C Rising</i>
King Henry V<br><i>Percy C Rising</i>
For we no longer are defensible<br><i>Percy C Rising</i>
Wilt thou have me?<br><i>Percy C Rising</i>
Principal Cast<br><i>Percy C Rising</i>
Erpingham (T I Hardy), Westmoreland (K A Bateson), York (Harold Kroto), Gower (E A Sharples), Warwick (R R May), King Henry (Ian McKellen), Burgundy (J R Munks), Constable (F D G Norburn), Dauphin (G A Farnworth)<br><i>Percy C Rising</i>
The mercy that was quick in us but late, By your own counsel is suppressd and killd<br><i>Percy C Rising</i>