Ian McKellen Stage
As Alfonso Fernandez in the annual Bolton School play in the Great Hall<br /><em>Percy C Rising</em>
Written by Fritz Hochwaelder
Directed by Frank Greene
Ian McKellen in the role of Alfonso Fernandez
Bolton School
24 March 1958 - 29 March 1958
Trial scene: Father.  Provincial? (Ian McKellen 4th from right)<br><em>Percy C Rising</em>
Deathbed scene.  In this scene the precept Low on his funeral couch he lies had presumably been borne in mind by the producer: the couch was in fact so low as not to be visible beyond the first few rows of the audience, with the result that the Father Provincials opening line of the scene brought with it a touch of the supernatural. -- The Boltonian, July 1958<br><em> </em>
We have achieved our aim: The Kingdom of God has gone to the Devil. (Ian McKellen, prone)<br><em>Percy C Rising</em>
The only law that commands obedience here, is that of God. (Ian McKellen, center)<br><em>Percy C Rising</em>
Why do you kneel to me?  I am not a King or Governor -- but a priest of God.  (Ian McKellen, left)<br><em>Percy C Rising</em>