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Kevin Thomas
Los Angeles Times
"Emile" is at heart a reverie, a meditation on the past and its treacheries, the ways in which people become flawed, and the eternal though often elusive possibility of forgiveness and redemption.
Jamie Russell
Much like the little-seen gem Gods And Monsters , Emile is a fantastic showcase for the actor's understated talent.
Channel 4 Film An absorbing, challenging movie that hits the right notes. A moving drama and a brilliant showcase for McKellen.
David Hughes
Empire Magazine
This is a good story well told, elevated by McKellen on top form.
Susan Walker
Toronto Star
McKellen is brilliant in the role.
Ashley Cooper
Film Threat
A small but excellent cast supports McKellen in what is a beautiful and intelligent film.

David Nusair
Reel Film Reviews

The film generally works primarily because of Ian McKellen's fantastic lead performance.
Katherine Brodsky
Emile is a sentimental, humanist film that builds up an emotional impact that brings the viewer to a place where we are able to care. It leaves us curious about our own identities, it leaves us with questions (instead of comfortable solutions), and it leaves us with some sort of an undergoing, an undergoing of the heart.
Bruce Kirkland
London Free Press
This is the last and best film in Bessai's disjointed trilogy about individuals searching for identity.
Michael Rechtshaffen
Hollywood Reporter
It's a beautifully modulated performance in a nicely crafted, quietly unassuming character study.
Adam Nayman
Eye Weekly
McKellen is superb as usual, even planting traces of a homespun drawl beneath his familiar stentorian tones as a reminder of the life Emile left behind.
Angela Baldassarre
Emile is the poignant exploration of an older man’s struggle to reconnect with his past.
Rich Cline
Shadows on the Wall
This artful intermingling of the past and present has something powerful to say about the repercussions of thoughtlessness.
Rick Groen
Globe and Mail
McKellen is always a delight to watch.

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