Transforming Ian McKellen into two Sherlock Holmes

MR HOLMES takes place very late in the master sleuth's life. Sherlock is 93 and bearing the inevitable brunt of time's ravages, physically as well as mentally. Portraying a man 18 years older than myself, needed more than acting a hunched spine, shuffling gait and occasionally confused expressions. Rubberised make-up, cunningly devised by master artist Dave Elsey and applied by him and his wife Lou, set the stage, as it were, for my transformation into the retired Mr Holmes.

There are also significant scenes which take place when Holmes is a more sprightly 60 plus and still at the top of his game. A rather less elaborate make-up smoothed out some of my own wrinkles for a fresher appearance.

Both older and younger editions sport the famous aquiline nose of the Baker Street detective; nothing new to a Gandalf veteran.

One particular day, I shot scenes as both younger and older Holmes. First 15 years was taken off my age, as shown in the photographs in the first album. Then I was taken from 60 to 93, as shown in the second album. Join us in the make-up trailer on the set of "Mr Holmes" in July 2014, as Dave and Lou perform their magic.

Transformation to age 60 (click image for more):

Transformation to age 93 (click image for more):

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