25 May 2006

Ian McKellen E-Posts

10 July 2002

"Dame Maggie" on SNL 

From: Angelle Landreneau

Q: I saw you and Dame Maggie Smith presenting at the Oscars and couldn't help but wonder if she saw your impersonation of her on Saturday Night Live and what she thought. I thought it was hysterical. 

A: When we met up at the Oscars, Dame Maggie hadn't seen my tribute to her on SNLive. But now she's heard about it she promises to take her revenge! When and where we shall see...

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Maggie Or Ian?
Photo by Louie Zakarian
Courtesy of Lee Armitage

Catholic Gays on SNL

From: hsvdan@comcast.net Dan Rocheleau 

Q: Just a quick note to "voice" my displeasure with your choice of SNL as a soapbox to deride the Catholic faith. I've been a fan for some time and don't have an opinion regarding your lifestyle but to take such a cheap shot at my faith while we are struggling to make things better serves no purpose. Just a reminder; Tolkien was a devout Catholic and the Trilogy itself is every bit as Catholic as its author.

A: I have always thought that the Catholic Church's official attitude to homosexuality was a matter for its members to sort out except when it impinges on my own life. Being in New York on St. Patrick's Day reminded me of the disaffection which the organisers feel toward Irish gays who are still not allowed to march along Fifth Avenue. When, in the same week, the Vatican hierarchy publically discusses their gay priests, I considered it fair enough for me to gently point out an inconsistency toward people like me. Sorry you couldn't take the joke. It was not your faith but your leaders I was commenting on.

McKellen on DVD 

From: Michael Stevenson 

Q: Do you own a DVD player? Do you watch your movies from time-to-time or are you one of those actors who does not feel comfortable watching themselves perform? If you do watch your own movies, which one is your favorite to watch? P.S. You were great on Saturday Night Live! 

A: Having been responsible for so much of Richard III (the script as well as the concept) I enjoy re-running that almost as much as Gods and Monsters, where all I did was act. P.S. Not everyone agrees with u!

Coming out of the closet

Q: I am a 29 year old closeted gay man from Bolton Lancashire. The community that I live in is still very anti gay, and to see a man like you accepted by people all over the world for being openly gay, is a true inspiration. Can I only hope that one day the Academy will recognise gay actors, in the same way they did African-American actors this year. Maybe then the ideas of communities like the one I am forced to live in today will change for the better. 

A: I hope you are on the journey towards coming out. Honesty is the best policy. It can also change the world in Bolton and everywhere.

Straight men

Q: I fell madly in love with you in "Gods and Monsters". Why are all the fantastic men gay for goodness sake? 

A: Oh come on - I have met some adorable straight men!

Hollywood Homophobia 

From: Corey Shaw

Q: I am frightfully disappointed at the results of the Oscar for supporting actor. Do you think that the fact that you are open with your life had as much to do with the results as I? 

A: It's possible I suppose but not as far as members of the Screen Actors' Guild are concerned...

Politically Incorrect

Q: I saw Ian McKellen on Politically Incorrect with Bill Mahr, and although I love and respect Ian as an actor, I found his political opinion of Americans quite disconcerting. It sure is easy to say that the USA should do more to help third world countries when you make millions of dollars a year. The salaries of most people I know and my own pale in comparison to you "hard workers" out there in tinseltown. 

A: You may be pleased to know that in any year where I work primarily in USA I pay income tax to the US Treasury. So perhaps I can be permitted a view on how that money is spent or mis-spent.


From: Bitterconduct@aol.com Robert McCain 

Q: Have you ever wanted to absolutely quit your profession? If so, why didn't you? 

A: No I haven't but if I ever did I should have to pause and puzzle over what I could instead. I take more time off from work than I used to. Having just had a six month break from acting I am raring to go again.

SF Pride 2002

From: emma@ice-dance.com Emma Abraham

Q: I will be flying to San Francisco to see Sir Ian in this year's parade. I was wondering if he was going to do any personal appearances before or after, so I could schedule my flights accordingly. Thanks! 

A: Because of filming commitments on X-Men2 in Vancouver, I can't be in San Francisco long enough to do much more than meet people and ride in Sunday's parade. But I hope to meet up with my celebrity grand marshal Sharon Gless onstage at the two musical concerts, which she is hosting on the Friday evening. Gandalf the Grey meets Cagney the Great! Have a fun-filled Pride!

Click here for SF Pride 2002

Oscar Wilde 

From: anneloughran@aol.com

Q: I know you excel with the works of Mr Shakesphere - have you ever performed in any of Mr Wildes writings? 

A: All I can recall are brief extracts from Wilde in my solo shows "Words,Words,Words" and "A Knight Out". You could try checking with the search button on this site.


Q: What do you do in your spare time hobbies etc. It'd really useful as I'm doing a bio about u for a project

A: I don't think I've had a hobby since I lost my stamp collection 50 years ago. But I fill up quite a bit of spare time reading and answering e-mail. 


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