Written by Henry Marshall

Directed by Robert Chetwyn and Donald Mackechnie

Ian McKellen in the role of Tee Vee

Arts Theatre, Ipswich, Suffolk

26 December 1962 - 12 January 1963


Words from Ian McKellen

In my first (and only thus far) pantomime, I played Tee Vee a very unfunny comic Chinese policeman, three times a day during Christmas week. Marti Webb (Princess Badroulbadour) sang better than the rest of us put together and later starred in Andrew Lloyd Webber musicals.

To get from one side of the stage to the other, involved a journey behind the back wall of the theatre. Which explains why a number of us had snow melting off our headgear in the Market Place of Pekin.

Comments and Reviews

"Ian McKellen makes the most of some comic moments." — The Evening Star


Banner photo: The cast. Ian McKellen (Tee Vee) at far left. Others from left: Irene French, Brendan Barry, Gawn Grainger, Irene Innescourt, Marti Webb, Peter Macriel, Jonathan Meddings, Josie Kidd, Colin Kaye


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