A Kinght OutWhat?

    An evening of chat, reminiscence, and performance, telling the story of two parallel journeys. Alone onstage, Sir Ian recalls his childhood fascination with the theatre and his experience of acting in London's West End, on Broadway, in Los Angeles, and beyond. He also confides his early awareness of being gay and his momentous decision to finally come out of the closet just before Queen Elizabeth knighted him in 1991 for his services to the performing arts. "A Knight Out" is a visiting production at LATC.

    This limited engagement is Sir Ian's gift to local theatre and gay communities. All proceeds will be shared by the following organizations: GLAAD, the Ian McKellen Scholarship in Acting at UCLA School of Film, Theater and Television, Highways Performance Space and Gallery, The Gay and Lesbian Youth Center, and the Hobart Boulevard School Shakespeare programme.

    A KNIGHT OUT (1997)
    Production Design by Susan Gratch