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The things that are done by a don, are things that a don doesn't oughta...  Josie Kidd, June Seath, Janet McIntire, Susan Wherrett, Roger Hammond, Douglas Ditta, Ian McKellen, Bruce Purchase
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Written by Dorothy Reynolds & Julian Slade
Directed by Alan Gray
Ian McKellen in the role of Fosdyke/Nigel
Arts Theatre, Ipswich, Suffolk
30 July 1963 - 17 August 1963

Words from Ian McKellen

This early '50s musical was the Christmas entertainment for the company of the Bristol Old Vic, with lyrics by the leading lady and music by the bright Cambridge graduate who was assistant stage-manager. After it transferred to Vaudeville Theatre it survived as the longest running musical in London. Now it was Ipswich's turn to see what all the fuss was about. We were all very nervous when the Salad Days veteran, Jimmy Cairncross, came to see us.
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First musical.