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On the death of her husband Jamie (Oscar's youngest son), my friend Dena Hammerstein founded this charity to benefit children in long-stay hospitals in New York. OMB's teams of paid actors entertain the kids in their wards with songs, jokes and playlets that lift spirits and aid recovery.



In 1989 Roger Rees alerted me to the newly uncovered discovery remains of an Elizabethan playhouse on the southbank of the River Thames. I immediately visited the site, where the outline of stage and auditorium were clear in the rubble of a dismantled building. I joined the campaign to prevent destruction of the remains and helped produce the rally close to the site, starring many concerned theatre enthusiasts.




1989: What the Glorious Rose Has Given You

Day after day, and by night, we actors visit the Rose. To us, it is already a shrine. This is where modern drama was born. Read More

1989: A Shade of Pink at the Rose

At the moment, quite the most exciting theatrical novelty in London is not the emergence of James Bond as a song and dance man, nor even Tootsie's transformation into Shylock, but the reappearance of Rose, one of the oldest dames in the business. Read More

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