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 7 July 2004


From: Becky elliot

Q: Would you have prefered to play one of the other characters from X-men, instead of Magneto? I thought you were excellent as Magneto and i it's a shame you're gay. I'll have to marry some one else...!

A: No, I'm very happy being Magneto. Good luck husband-hunting!


Q: I marveled at your quote on the Net as to the role the Xmen should pursue, that is, whether to save humanity or to govern It . . . . . ? I ask : Why don't they do both????

A: I'll put it to the screenplay writers.


Q: Sir Ian, I've been visiting your website and totally enjoy reading it. I've been keeping up with some of the X3/X4 news and read that the currently Fox is doing contract negotiations for it. I just have to know, are you signed up to reprise your role in X3/X4 yet?

A: I hear positive news about the second sequel, which is likely to include Magneto. The start date, considering Bryan Singer's other commitments, couldn't be much before September 2005. There is as yet no script nor am I signed up. On the other hand Hugh Jackman had a three-movie deal and Alan Cumming is also contracted to appear once more.


From: Alex

Q: Like other gay men I find that I can relate to the x-men as they face difficulties similar to the challenges that gay men and women have to face. In one way, I admire Magneto because he has a purpose - to create equality but he does so by using extreme measures. While watching the two x-men films it occurred to me that he had characteristics similar with the Human Rights activist Peter Tatchell. Did you base Magneto's character on Mr Tatchell?

A: No, I found Magneto's own personality clear enough not to research elsewhere, although he has been compared to Malcolm X as well as to Tatchell. Maybe Peter models himself on Magneto, although he is not at all a violent person!


From: Chad

Q: I am thoroughly impressed with your body of work, but I'm most of all impressed by your turn as Magneto in the X-Men films. As an actor myself, I get a lot of joy feeding off other actors in my presence and learning from them. In the X-Men films, you worked with a lot of actors who certainly haven't been in the industry as long as you, but did you glean anything from them, and if so, what and by whom?

A: Most actors these days have less experience than I do! and I learn from them all - sometimes what not to do, sometimes more positively.

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