BENT (1990)

Written by Martin Sherman

Directed by Sean Mathias

Ian McKellen in the role of Max

Lyttelton and Garrick, London

19 January 1990

Sean Mathias (Director)
Simon Annand

Paul Rhys (Rudy)
Simon Annand

In rehearsal
Simon Annand

With Michael Cashman

Thelma Holt, Ian McKellen, and Michael Cashman, post-performance, raising money to fight AIDS

With Michael Cashman (actor / gay activist, Member European Parliament)

Martin Sherman (Playwright), Paul Rhys (Rudy), Sean Mathias (Director), Ian McKellen (Max), Michael Cashman (Horst)

Ian McKellen as Max in BENT

Michael Cashman (Horst) and Martin Sherman (Playwright) in rehearsal
Simon Annand


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