ACTING SHAKESPEARE (British Council Scandinavian Tour)

From Shakespeare with commentary by Ian McKellen

Scandinavia, Copenhagen, Oslo, Bergen, Karlstad, Gothenburg, Stockholm

3 March 1980 - 16 March 1980


Words from Ian McKellen

The British Council, with minimal funding from the British government, propagates British arts and the English language worldwide. Its main activity is the teaching of English but it also part-finances tours by British drama companies as well as (cheap) one-person shows like "Acting Shakespeare". I travelled and worked alone. This tour was, in part, a preparation for playing Salieri in "Amadeus" on Broadway, which would involve direct address to the audience. "Acting Shakespeare" was all soliloquising and I learnt to relax looking and talking outfront. — Ian McKellen, June 2001

Comments and Reviews

3-4 March: National Museum, Copenhagen, Denmark
6 March: Scala Theatre: National Theatre School, Oslo, Norway
8 March: National Theatre, Oslo
10-11 March: Den National Scene, Bergen, Norway
12 March: Sessionssalen, Bibliotektshuset, Karlstad, Sweden
13 March: Municipal Theatre, Gothenberg, Sweden
15 March: Uppsala University, Sweden
16 March: Sodra Theatre, Stockholm

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Banner photo: Programme (Oslo National Theatre)



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