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Chapter 5, Page 1 | 24 August 2005


With the trustiest of webmasters behind the camera, I did a wet morning's reconnoitre, in advance of filming at two of London's oldest ecclesiastical landmarks. CLICK A PHOTO TO ENTER GALLERY MODE.

Temple Church is easy to miss despite being signposted from Fleet Street in the City of London.

Down an alley-way, Temple Church rests between the ancient Inns of Court, where barristers are called to the bar and eventually practise out of the chambers of their clerks or agents.

The last time I stood here was over 30 years ago for a photo shoot advertising the BBC television broadcast of Christopher Marlowe's Edward II. Today it's too wet for other visitors.

The Grail search leads Teabing et al to examine the knightly effigies inside the Church. Here, more diligently, I look for clues among the churchyard's monuments.

The remains of my Latin are insufficient to decipher any secrets on this plaque.

The main West door was still locked weekday mid-morning. After all, this is a private church. It serves the Inns of Court and has a close association with Middle Temple, of which I am an honorary Master. My ashes may be lodged within, at some date yet to be determined.

The side south door is also locked despite the notice-board's welcome. I wonder if they will be ready for the surge in visitors who have seen the film.

Westminster Abbey is no secret. It will be interesting when we film in Victoria Street on Saturday and close the traffic that feeds off and into Westminster Square. Filming for a live audience?

The Abbey bookshop was packed with wet tourists. Keith asked the assistant surrounded by Cliff Richard albums and Buckingham Palace teapots and a book on "English Bugs" if Abbey also stocked "The Da Vinci Code". A little too fast for comfort she said "No". Perhaps Keith had not been the first to ask.

Photos by Keith Stern