Scripts with a Mission

A TOUCH OF LOVE (1969, a gay man fathers a child)

EDWARD II (1969, the first drama with a gay hero)

Recital of poems by Yevgeni Yevtushenko (1976, Soviet dissident)

BENT (1979, revealing Nazi mistreatment of gays in 1930s)

LOVING WALTER (1982, society and mental handicap)

SCANDAL (1989, political shennanigans that brought down a government)

AND THE BAND PLAYED ON (1993, the early story of AIDS)

A KNIGHT OUT (1994-Present, series of autobiographical shows focusing on gay characters and writers, to benefit LGBT causes.)

THIN ICE (1994, mockumentary about lesbian figure-skaters at the Gay Games)

SURVIVING FRIENDLY FIRE (1997, documentary on GLBT street kids' theatre)

GODS AND MONSTERS (1998, part-fictional biopic about openly gay film director James Whale)

AN ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE (1998, Ibsen's play which inspired Jaws and other whistle-blowing stories)

X-MEN (2000, fantasy films about Society's treatment of "mutants")

TERRE HAUTE (2005, with a gay character based on Gore Vidal)











1982: Tears in Bratislava: Richard II in Czechoslovakia
Any play, even one by Shakespeare - even a success, which our Richard II certainly was - any play can pall for the actors who have to repeat it night after night after matinee. Read More

1990: Out With Your Lies
"Silence at Court - McKellen warns of a new sensation". That was the Evening Standard's headline when Michael Owen interviewed me 11 years ago, as Bent was about to have its world premiere at the Royal Court Theatre. Read More













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